What’s the Catch? 

Let’s face it. EA is not known for being the most giving or “down to earth” company out there. If there is money to be made on something, your better believe that they are going to try and squeeze every cent out of it. Things like pay to win, overpriced DLC, tons of microtransactions, and loot boxes are just a small number of the unpopular business practices that they engage in.

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Knowing all of this, it is not much of a surprise that EA did not have a great fiscal year. It only adds insult to injury to find out that EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson was among the top 100 most overpaid CEO’s. This study began in 2015 and ranked Wilson at 98th.

However, there is good news. Wilson, along with other executives within EA are surrendering their performance bonus and giving them to EA employees instead. Yes, you read that correctly. The evil empire is not so evil after all.

But don’t get too excited. It is more than likely that if the 2020 fiscal years improves then Wilson and the executives will keep their bonus for themselves. Which to be fair, is understandable. But for 2020 to have a better outcome, EA has a lot to fix.

Battlefield 5 has not met the expectations of its fans and Anthem has been nothing short of a disaster. Even Apex Legends which showed tons of promise and hype, to begin with, has shrunk in popularity rapidly over the past few months.


Wilson is hopeful that Anthem will eventually rebound and become what the game was marketed to be. But in reality that is unlikely. The second season of Apex Legends is promising. As well as the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Those two games will be the way forward.

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