Yesterday, we were wondering when Battlefield 1 would get 4K support on Xbox One X. Today, we know because EA implemented it almost immediately.

Battlefield 1‘s summer update launched today on all platforms, and it has all sorts of tweaks and fixes. For instance, load times are better when entering the soldier customization screen, and there are fewer disconnects when trying to join a server. Shock Operations mode has been rebalanced on three maps. Players can no longer teamkill with mortars. That sort of stuff.

There’s some less-dense-but-also-good news accompanying the update. EA is giving out Battlefield 1‘s Apocalypse DLC for free on all platforms. Apocalypse has three add-on maps and the Air Assault mode. Also, Battlefield 4 has something similar going on. Its Naval Strike and China Rising DLC packs are also free right now. This is a limited-time thing, so snatch them up while you can.

For anyone who wants the nitty gritty of Battlefield 1‘s summer update, here are the full patch notes:

EA stealthily launches Battlefield 1's big summer update alongside some free DLC screenshot

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EA stealthily launches Battlefield 1’s big summer update alongside some free DLC