Fighting Giant Bugs Can’t Possibly Get Old

Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to the West this year! The first English trailer has dropped, reminding me once again how awful it would be to be devoured by a horde of enormous insects. Also how awesome it is to fight them.

Earth Defense Force 5

If you’re unfamiliar with the Earth Defense Force franchise, catching up is pretty simple: A race of enormous insects have invaded Earth, people are being gobbled up like popcorn that can’t stop screaming, and it’s up to you to stop this threat in its disgusting tracks. At your disposal in this war are big guns and also bigger guns. Plus the pre-order window is already open!


There’s a couple of different versions to snag, one of which is loaded with extra bits and DLC access. If you’re curious, all of the DLC should be out and available by next March. Most of the immediatley accessible extra content consists of sweet guns and exoskeletons. You can order either the Standard or the Digital Deluxe versions here. Sadly, there’s no concrete release date yet, though we do know it’s coming sometime in 2018. In the meanwhile, check out the trailer below! It’s like a 1950’s sci-fi trailer come to life!


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Earth Defense Force 5 Coming to the West