Last week, Epic showcased a daring rescue from streamer @MrMuselk attempting to rescue another Fortnite player who seemed completely stuck without materials and couldn’t scale a cliff. The rescue ended less-than-great. But now Epic has forever enshrined that moment in Fortnite’s history.

The player who was supposed to be rescued, Chappadoodle, now has a tombstone in the exact spot where, uh, mistakes were made. Reddit user StoreBrandEnigma discovered the shrine after the latest update and posted a video. The grave is a simple and understated tombstone with some rubber tires, which would have saved Chappadoodle from his fate in the first place.

In the comments, an Epic developer said “The legacy of Chappadoodle lives on.”

This isn’t the first time Epic has responded to community discussion or well-liked jokes by adding them to the game. I wonder if they have a small team of one or two people dedicated to just adding stuff the community is talking about.

Epic Adds Shrine In Fortnite For Well-Intentioned But Failed Rescue