No More Infinity Blade for Fortnite Players

Epic Games just removed the overpowered Infinity Blade from Fortnite. The sword was added from the game’s mobile incarnation, but it quickly proved to be too powerful and ruined the battle royale game. The one-off item was picked up in the main game mode and gave users 200 health, 200 shield, and the ability the jump massive distances and deal 75 damage per swing.

fortnite epic games

The weapon unbalanced the game and its presence in Fortnite’s seasonal tournament, which had a prize pool of $1 million, caused tons of chaos. Take a look at Psalm destroying the opposition in a North American match in the tweet below.

Here’s Epic’s response:

It’s not the first time Epic has removed a weapon from Fortnite—back in April, Epic removed the guided missle just two weeks after adding it.