The Prodigal Store Arrives

The new Epic Games store announced earlier this week quietly launched during tonight’s Game Awards, which is probably why the logo has been all over the show.

Epic Games Store

A visit to the store presents shoppers with a heads up that the store will offer users a free game every two weeks, the first two of which are Subnautica, which will be available from December 14th to the 27th, and Super Meat Boy from December 28th to January 10th.

The store currently only has a handful of titles available including tonight’s surprise release Ashen, Hades (which was also announced at tonight’s show), Hello Neighbour: Hide & Seek, and some game called Fortnite idk looks weird. There’s a ton of games with a “Coming Soon” tag on them including Darksiders 3, Satisfactory, and the upcoming World War Z game.


The store can be accessed from the Epic Games website as well as the developer’s desktop launcher which got an overhaul, now showing tabs for the store and the Unreal Engine on the left hand side.

We’re covering The Game Awards here at COG all night, so be sure to check out our coverage of other announcements including the new Far Cry spinoff and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for the Nintendo Switch, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments!

SOURCE: Epic Games Store

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Epic Games Store Launches During Game Awards