There is Still a Week Remaining on the Current Round of Free Content on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is offering a couple free video games every few weeks. The deal is all part of their mission to compete with Steam this summer by offering amazing sales and deals. This is similar to the free games with gold that Xbox Live members enjoy. Currently, the two games available are “This War of Mine” and “Moonlighter” and will continue being free for another week. Following this, the next two games is “Alan Wake” and “For Honor“.

This War of Mine

Epic Games Store is releasing two games together so that people of all ages can benefit. This War of Mine is a survival game set during the Bosnian War and focuses on the civilian experience of war. The game has an M-rating, which thereby prevents young children from accessing it. In comparison, Moonlighter is about a shopkeeper who ventures out to become a hero. It only has a rating of E10, meaning it is generally suitable for everyone 10 and over. By including Moonlighter in the offer, Epic Games Store ensures everyone can enjoy free content.

Epic Games Store is using the same thought process for the next pair of free games.. at least, technically. At first glance, neither of “For Honor” or “Alan Wake” stands out as a kid-friendly alternative. “For Honor” is a medieval combat game and “Alan Wake” is a deep, psychological thriller. Rather surprisingly, it turns out the latter only has a T-rating.


“Moonlighter” and “This War of Mine” are available for free until August 2. After that, “Alan Wake” and “For Honor” become available.