The Development Studio Cites Misinformation As the Reason For This Action

Battlestate Games, the developer & publisher behind the tactical FPS Escape From Tarkov, recently issued 47 DMCA takedowns against a YouTuber named “Eroktic” for allegedly spreading misinformation by making two videos about a rumored user info leak from the studio’s database and for creating “negative hype” for the game.

As a result of these takedowns, several of the game’s official content creators have resigned from their positions and denounced Battlestate’s actions.

Escape from Tarkov

“The reason why we acted so strong and so quick is that we had to stop this misinformation about the data leak,” a Battlestate representative explained to Polygon.

“Right now we are reviewing all the videos which were copyright strikes,” the representative also said. “If we find that those videos have no issues with the law and with negative rhetorics, we might call back our strikes.”

When asked about the reactions from the game’s content creators, the representative said that while the studio understood their concern, these DMCA takedowns are meant to show “negative hype and misinformation cannot remain without any punishment.”


As for Eroktic, he tweeted on Tuesday that he regretted spending the last year “supporting” Escape From Tarkov.

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