The In-Game Economy is Close to Crashing 

Escape From Tarkov has been out as an early access game for some time now. For the majority of its lifespan, the hardcore survival shooter remained a relatively underground and fringe game. Very few people had ever played the game, let alone heard of it. However, in recent months Escape From Tarkov has soared in popularity thanks to a handful of streamers on Twitch and other platforms. While this is obviously great for the game as a whole, there have been some drawbacks. The explosion is player count has caused some serious technical issues and now fans are asking the developers to reset the servers.

Escape from Tarkov

The developers are aware of the problems at hand but they do not plan on resetting the servers anytime soon. They will do it eventually, but it will most likely be a long time from now. Battlestate Games gave a rough estimation of a couple of months. When the server reset does eventually happen it will probably line up with the next major update they have planned for the middle of 2020.

This might be disappointing to hear but the reset could happen sooner if players keep letting the devs hear about it. No company is immune to community pressure (except for EA). If Battlestate Games feels that they could end up losing money or interest if they don’t listen to their community, then they will do whatever is necessary.


Despite these problems Escape From Tarkov is still a very fun and unique game. You can still find it on Steam for a relatively cheap price. There is no clear date for when the game is going to officially launch. But it is not unreasonable to think that it’s going to be sooner than planned thanks to the newfound popularity.


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Escape From Tarkov Fans Beg Developers to Reset Servers