The Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Fusion booster set is scheduled to launch on October 19, and with it, a slew of new cards to collect. If you can’t wait to crack open your first Soul Fusion pack in a couple weeks, we have an exclusive reveal for the upcoming booster: the Danger! Thunderbird! card.

The Danger! Thunderbird! card is a Secret Rare card that continues the Danger! theme that debuted in the Cybernetic Horizon set earlier this year. When you activate the effect of a Danger! monster, your opponent must try to find the cryptid in your hand.

If they don’t find it, the Danger! monster is special summoned to the field and you get to draw a card for free. If they do find it, it’s discarded but triggers the bonus effect.

The Danger! Thunderbird! card releases as part of the Soul Fusion booster which launches in North America on October 19.

Exclusive Card Reveal: Yu-Gi-Oh Danger! Thunderbird!