The Rise of the Combiners expansion for the Transformers Trading Card Game lands on March 1, with many new features. One of the new mechanics are the combiners, which allow cards to come together to form one ultimate unit of immense power (Remember Exodia?).  While the set features many other interesting abilities, combining steals the show. Today, we’re excited to reveal one of these titanic entities – Menasor, Menacing Colossus!

Using 5 cards together, you can create this giant transformer and turn your opponents to scrap. Assembly may be challenging, but the end result is worth it. In addition to these huge monsters, the expansion also introduces Brave (which “taunts” making characters forced to attack it if able) and Stealth (which can’t be attacked unless it is the only option). The expansion also features triple changers with multiple modes you can swap to and more!

Rise of the Combiners hits on Match 1st.

Exclusive Transformers Trading Card Game Reveal – Menasor, Menacing Colossus