This Doesn’t Mean Fable 4 Isn’t Coming Soon

A few days ago, news broke that a mix up at Mixer may have accidentally leaked the news that Fable 4 was in production. Many began to believe Microsoft has screwed up by adding it to the database too early. However, it now is definitively clear this is not a confirmation regarding the existence of Fable 4.

Cover of Fable II top Screen Feature

The reason behind is a little convoluted, so stay with me. The database draws its information from is an online tool for streamers that is a largely crowdsourced database. Currently, Fable IV has four accounts on and lists the developer at Lionhead Studios Ltd. The problem with this is that Lionhead Studio closed in 2016, likely a mistake that Microsoft wouldn’t make.

Fable 4 has a lot of people excited. This isn’t the first time that fake news has spread regarding the game. In May of 2018, a fake trailer popped up after a post on 4chan. Rumors still abound that Forza studio Playground Games is working on Fable 4 after they announced that their current project is an open world RPG.


There is still hope that Microsoft will reveal a new Fable game at their E3 press conference.

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