The Fallout 3 Mod Team Found a Legal Loophole

Although its development was halted earlier this year due to legal concerns, the Fallout 3 remake mod Capital Wasteland is now back in action. The mod, which uses Fallout 4’s engine, plans to record the game’s 45,000 lines of stript with new voices to sidestep the legal issue that initially halted development.


“Back in March of last year we communicated with Bethesda regarding our planned method to implement the voice acting and other audio from Fallout 3 into the Capital Wasteland,” Capital Wasteland co-lead developer “HcGxGrill” said. “As you might already be aware, we were informed that our planned approach would raise some serious red flags and so after a few discussions amongst our team we decided it would be best to put the project on hold.”

“For myself after working for hundreds of hours on this project and then having to stop really made me depressed. Something I had an extreme passion for was suddenly not there anymore,” he continued. “So after taking a few months break, I slowly picked up the pieces and continued my work on the Capital Wasteland.”

Of course, the team is now on the hunt for both voices actors and additional developers, and you can apply for both positions here.