New Year, Old Promises

With a less than stellar launch, Bethesda is practically playing catch up with Fallout 76. The devs must get ahead of the many bugs that currently plague the system, but they must also engage the community with content. To that end, they’ve promised the first in a string of updates to kick off the new year.

Fallout 76 vista

Among the new features coming to Fallout 76 is the player vendor. In due time, players can take role-playing to the next level through the sale of goods. At launch, the game had its share of users who offered loot and useful items to newbies. With the next patch, we may see an evolution of that. In addition, future updates shall bring weekly live events and PvP modes for those with a raider’s inclination.

Last but certainly not least, Fallout 76’s new updates will address the many issues mentioned in player feedback. May this be the beginning of the end for game-breaking bugs.

“Like our December 11 update, we will have a big update that will address many of the issues you’ve been providing feedback on. Full patch notes will follow soon,” Bethesda wrote on their official website.


“We’re also building an incredible list of future updates that we can’t wait to share, including new quests, weekly in-game events, new Vaults opening, a new PvP mode, Player Vending and much more.

2019 is an exciting year for Fallout 76 and we can’t wait to grow it with you. Keep providing your feedback and letting us know what you’d like to see.

Happy New Year from all of us!”

It will be fascinating to see what they mean by “new vaults opening.” Perhaps, the game will one day spawn NPCs that are neither player nor robot? Only time will tell. Fallout 76 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Bethesda Launcher.

SOURCE: GamingBolt