Hopefully this will Improve things Between Bethesda and Fans

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Or so I hear, I live on the internet. Since the release of Fallout 76, the relationship between Bethesda and their fans has been shakey grounds, and that’s being optimistic. There seems to be a cyclical process of updating Fallout 76. New updates roll out, the game gets bugged, bugs get exploited, players get punished, new updates. This time around, Bethesda is taking a different approach. They have announced that the Fallout 76 Community Team will begin livestreaming for the fans.

Fallout 76 Community Team

Via their Inside the Vault developer blog, Bethesda made a post on Valentine’s day regarding the near future. In addition to detailing the new patch incoming next week, broke the news on the Community Team doing livestreams on Twitch and Mixer. This will be done in hopes to gain better communication with fans. “We’d like to start working to answer more of your questions in real-time while also having fun hanging out with you. We’ll be curating these streams based on what you’d like to know, as well as using them as opportunities to chat more directly with you while we share in our excitement for new content, quests, events, and more throughout this year, and beyond.”

Now, they do not explicitly say that they will be steaming Fallout 76, only that they will answer questions and hang out. Let’s assume that they are in fact playing the game like regular streamers do. There are a couple of problems I am foreseeing. One, that these Community Team members are probably not regular streamers. Meaning that watching these streams will not be as entertaining as watching a professional streamer. It will probably just be some dude talking about the game while playing. I know that is what streaming is in a nutshell, but if you have a favourite streamer, you’ll probably get what I mean. Secondly, they will be streaming Fallout 76. That may seem like a no-brainer, but isn’t that the buggy game that they are desperately trying to fix? Why stream all the bugs? Stream Fallout 4 or Skyrim, a safe bet, especially since their first stream is to win the confidence of their fans.

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Source: Fallout 76: Inside the Vault

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Fallout 76 Community Team will Livestream for Fans