A Team of Fallout 76 Players Got Banned for Homophobia

Bethesda just banned some Fallout 76 players for life after a homophobic attack on other players. “We have come to eliminate all gays,” they said during a video recording of the incident which took place a couple of weeks ago.

Fallout 76 Relic

The incident lasted around 10 minutes and consisted of the Fallout 76 players harassing another group with homophobic slurs over proximity chat as they hunted them down.


One of the victims of the attack recorded the video and posted it to Twitter to try to get Bethesda to punish them.

“I’m calling bully hunters,” someone said in the video. An attacker responded: “Bully hunters? You’re gonna have to call better than that, we’re the gay eliminators.” The same person later said “We’re cleansing the wasteland,” while another kept calling the group “faggots.”

“I got really angry too,” one of the victims said. “These guys were running around targeting people and what if they targeted a kid playing that was struggling with their identity? What if they said all those things to someone that was playing solo and didn’t have anyone to talk to? That can really mess someone up. Playing a game to escape reality and then that happens. That’s why we need to be able to report these people and why companies need to do something about reports.”


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