They’re Not the Heroes We Deserve

Recently, there have been some players in Fallout 76 that have found exploits to duplicate items. To make the game easier on themselves, and in some cases, harder for everyone else, these dupers have stockpiled super powerful weapons and items. These stockpiles become so great, that extra player accounts are being created for the purpose of being carriers or pack mules. Some players report being one-shoted by these dupers. Even in the Pacifist Mode, players are being killed. The duplication of items like bobbleheads give these cheaters a big enough boost to make quick work of other players. There is a caravan of dangerous people coming this way, carrying weapons! These are some very bad people! Some players have come up with a solution. Not a wall, but they have become Fallout 76 vigilantes.

Fallout 76 vigilantes

These vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to hunt down dupers to make the digital world a better place. Before being removed, there was a sub-reddit post on how to hunt down and beat back the dupers. One such hunter has posted their war-story about how they defeated a cheater, dumped the loot into a river, and sent screenshots to them. I’m not sure that dumping everything into the river really did anything, but it’s the thought that counts.

The problem with vigilantism is that it can get out of hand. There have been reports of the vigilantes taking it too far. In this case, a player was stopped and asked for screenshots to prove that they were not dupers. The player refused, the vigilante attacked them, and was subsequently killed. After getting annoyed with the vigilante, the player gave in and sent the screenshots of their inventory. Cheating is bad, but policing players is not the job of other players. Leave it to the devs.

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Source: Polygon