Fans Have Essentially Made a New Fallout Game

Happy day. With all the news of fan-made content getting subpoenaed, we finally have a project that’s been carried to term. Fallout New California, the standalone expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, has finally launched. Originally codenamed Project Brazil, the title underwent seven of years of development to reach its current state. Now, just about anyone can play.

Fallout: New California represents the passion of Rick Hukkanen(Lead Programmer) and Brandan Lee(Project Lead). After years of dedication, the team finally pulled off a standalone experience inspired by the venerated RPG franchise. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible if Bethesda hadn’t made their devkit available to the fanbase. It comes fully voiced with a unique questline, an all-new map on the west coast, and all sorts of encounters in the wasteland. Players will find a plethora of original content inspired by the established lore.

“A massive single-player role-playing game with deep character-driven mechanics and branching narrative quest architecture, FNC takes you on a journey through the aftermath of the NCR-Enclave War following the end of Fallout 2 twenty years before, leading into the events that inspire Fallout 3 and New Vegas,” the website reads.


Kudos to the team for successfully crafting what is, for all intents and purposes, a new Fallout game.  As for whether or not this fan creation can measure up to Bethesda’s prowess, well, that’s for you to decide. You can download the full game over on moddb. Note: Fallout: New Vegas must be installed.

Elephant in the room, the mod released just in time for Fallout: 76, which means fans of the franchise now have options. Do you want the single-player experience or the multiplayer one? You can comment your thoughts down below.

Fallout: New California

Set in 2260, a crippled Enclave has just one last squadron left behind in California as their remnants journey East on the call of their President. The New California Republic has stagnated economically, their political structure wracked by deep corruption that goes to the highest office, and their economy is all but ruined.

A psychotic Raider Warlord, Juan Elsdragon, has assumed control of a vast Raider Alliance collected of the various tribes washed away by the NCR’s pacification efforts, bolstered by hundreds of survivalists who resist the taxes and cultural erasure the NCR represents.

You are born sometime before this to a wasteland tribe. Orphaned and adopted by the Wasteland Scouts from Vault 18 high in the San Bernardino Mountains, you and your fellow tribal kin have been raised to be the new generation to explore the wastes beyond the great door. Unfortunately, the legendary Wasteland Scouts before you made powerful enemies, and their Vault remains locked away, hidden in their seclusion.

Until the last night of the Vault-Ball season, when you are thrust into the middle of a conflict started long before you were born…

War. War never changes.


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