Apex Legends Rides the Hot Seat in the New Parody Trailer

From the brilliant minds behind the popular Honest Movie Trailers on YouTube, comes Honest Game Trailers. Despite not reaching levels of popularity akin to their movie equivalent, Honest Games Trailer hits some of their criticisms out of the park. This week Fandom Games, the channel behind Honest Game Trailers, has released two trailers; one for Apex Legends and the other for Division 2.

Apex Legends Items

Fandom Game doesn’t discriminate who they choose to pick fun at. Targetting Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, the video admits the company is hardpressed by the unbelievable popularity and loyalty the gaming community bestows on franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty. However, they follow this up with quite a dinger, saying “… what any studio who wants to stay alive would do, swallow your pride and make a battle royale game”. In other words, Respawn Entertainment sold out.

Fandom Games then directs its attention towards the competitiveness in the battle royale market. Apex Legends is then compared to Overwatch and Fortnite, notably, the latter is also poked at for stealing novel ideas.

Fandom Games attributes the success of Apex Legends to being the only Battle Royale game to invest in world building. To quote, the trailer states “Way to go Respawn! Minimal effort beats no effort every time!”.

Near the end of the video, the anti-cheating system is the next to fall under attack. You may recall that Respawn Entertainment recently banned 700,000 people for cheating. Fandom ridicules the quality this, stating that “all it takes is one degenerate with an aimbot to take your whole team to pound town. Seriously, their anti-cheat app is more useless than Epic Stores privacy agreement”. Double shade.

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