Ubisoft Is Giving Far Cry 3 for Free Through Ubisoft Connect

Far Cry 3 is officially going to be free from the Ubisoft Store. The studio announced this week that they have are going to give the franchise’s third installment for absolutely free. Far Cry 3 has been determined as one of the game’s best titles—if not the best overall. The catch to this freebie, however, is that it will only be free through the Ubisoft Connect platform. This means that players who want it at no charge will need to be on their PC to redeem and play it.

Ubisoft Connect, which is the rebranded tag for Uplay, will have Far Cry 3 free until September 10th at 11:30 PDT, or Saturday, September 11th at 2:30am EDT. Once the game has been claimed, it will remain on that player’s library forever. Ubisoft is known for giving some of its games away for free through the PC platform.

Far Cry 3 free ubisoft connect

Far Cry 3 was given away around the same time last year for a limited time, and was also available for free last month for a limited time, without actually owning the title, as well. Now, however, the freebie will be there to stay.

Far Cry 6 is only about a month away, and fans of the franchise can prepare themselves for the upcoming title with Far Cry 3. Although the two games have huge differences when it comes to their stories, character choices, and in-game themes, playing Far Cry 3 is expected to, at least, give the players a general idea of what general gameplay systems they will be engaging with wen the sixth installment of the franchise is launched. 


As observed in the new comic series, Far Cry: Rite of Passage, playing games that were released further back in the  franchise have given fans a better understanding of the upcoming title’s new villain. Also, it has been reported that the Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6 will not make much sense without having played Far Cry 3.


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Far Cry 3 Is Going to Be Free via Ubisoft Connect on September 11th