Could This New Battle Royale Game Bring Something Unique to the Genre?

Fear the Wolves, a 100-player Battle Royale FPS being made by former Stalker developers, is going to enter Steam Early Access next week on July 18th, the game’s publisher announced recently.

The game’s developers at Vostok Games are planning to use early access to gather feedback for the full game (which is scheduled to come out in 2019). According to its Steam page, Fear the Wolves will exit early access next year.

“We believe it’s crucial, especially when it comes to competitive online games, for the community to have their say about the game, how well and balanced it feels and plays before it’s too late in the production cycle,” explained a Vostok Games developer on Steam. “The Early Access practice has proven to be an effective means for reaching that goal with many developers, so it was no brainer for us there. We want to ensure players have fun with Fear the Wolves and help us create a great and unique Battle Royale experience overall.”


Fear the Wolves will have the typical “last-man-standing” gameplay found in Battle Royale games but players will also have to deal with wolves, radiation and dangerous weather while battling each other.

Fear the Wolves is scheduled to come out in 2019 for the PC & consoles.

SOURCE: Press release