It Looks like a Lot, but Is Stretched over a Long Time

After the launch of World War Z, developer Saber Interactive hit the ground running in terms of additional content. As with many multiplayer games, World War Z will have regular updates soon after it was released. Starting this month, fans will be receiving free monthly content updates. This content includes new missions, zombie types, weapons, modes, and cosmetics. It’s all laid out in the first World War Z roadmap for Season One. It looks like quite a bit, but if you notice, it is over the course of three months.

World War Z Roadmap

The roadmap image does not specifically lay out what will be released when, but thankfully GameRevolution did it for us. This month, players will be headed to Japan with the new Tokyo mission. Judging by the image, the mission may be taking place on a cruise ship. We will also be introduced to a new zombie. It is this series iteration of a Spitter, and can apparently revive itself if players don’t kill it right. In June, the new Extreme difficulty will be added. Completing this difficulty will award players bonus rewards, likely those new skins, accessories, and weapon variants.

A little farther off in July, World War Z will have a Weekly Challenge mode. Surely, more information will be revealed as we get closer to July, but more skins and accessories will likely also be the rewards for these challenges. If you do not have the game and are not sure about World War Z, you can check out our review here. World War Z came out on April 16th and this is what Season One has in store.

Is this enough content for the first season? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameRevolution

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