The Turn-Based Fantasy Game is Almost Complete

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is the tactical role-playing game that takes a few pages from the book of Final Fantasy Tactics and other turn-based masterpieces. Imagine the story-driven game of yesteryear built for today, and with many more features. Well, the game is near ready to leave Early Access.

With a final release date on its way, players have a limited interval to purchase Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark at its lowest price. The most content for your buck includes 32 character classes and 130 unique combat encounters. That’s on top of an interesting Fantasy story that features a variety of unique characters. If you were ever a Final Fantasy Tactics fan, it’s a great IP to tickle your nostalgia, since we may be looking at the closest thing to a spiritual successor.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is currently in Steam Early Access, discounted by 10% off the asking price of  $19.99 USD (16.99 EUR). Tomorrow, in preparation for launch, the game will receive a massive update. Expect a release date within the window of Spring 2019. For info on how you can get your own fan-made gear into the game, follow  6 Eyes Studio and 1C Entertainment on Twitter.

Key Updates in 2019:

  • All English dialogue has been completed. The story is 98% playable from start to finish, with the final couple battles being reserved for final release
  • Localization has been completed for all launch languages (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian)
  • All visual effects have been completed and added to the game
  • Improved enemy AI has been implemented
  • Added 11 new story battles, 7 patrol battles, and 3 optional secret battles with quests to trigger them
  • Added the Centina Arena to the game, complete with two colosseum tournaments, and 7 highly-variable Arena battles that scale to the deployed party’s level
  • Optional story-character events have been added to the game, offering insight into characters’ personalities and backstories through short dialogue scenes
  • New customization options for non-story characters, like outfits, hats, faces, and portraits, have been added
  • Added an optional secret character, and 2 secret enemies that spawn randomly during Patrols and award significant rewards to players who can defeat them
  • Added 8 hidden Obelisks throughout the game’s battle maps, kicking off a world-spanning side mission to hunt for a special treasure cache
  • Added a bunch of new SFX and VFX

SOURCE: Press Release