Yet Another Annual FIFA Entry Has Sold Boatloads

It was announced recently that FIFA 18, last year’s entry in the FIFA game franchise, has sold over 24 million copies. The soccer sim series is one of the most popular franchises in gaming so these sales figures aren’t that much of a surprise but still, 24 million copies.

FIFA 18 HERO (1920x1080)

“For millions of players around the world the FIFA franchise has become more than just a game – it’s as big a part of their football DNA as the teams they love,” said Aaron McHardy, an EA executive producer who works on the FIFA series. “Football is a sport that can unite the world through play, and whether it be through console, mobile, competitive gaming or regional experiences like FIFA Online 4 in Asia, we are excited to find more and more ways to connect players to the world’s game.”

“FIFA Online 4” refers to a free FIFA MMO that launched in Asia earlier this year. The game itself and its predecessor, FIFA Online 3, reportedly have over 115 million players registered so far.