Gameplay Alterations Also Released in Anticipation of Tomorrow

FIFA 20 will release on September 27, 2019. This remains in tradition with how EA typically launches its latest soccer installment as many are available at the end of September. It is not confirmed what platforms FIFA 20 will launch on, although in the past it comes to the usual suspects.

FIFA 18 HERO (1920x1080)

The gameplay changes begin with improving AI defensive capabilities. Emphasis is now more on manual defending as opposed to allowing the computer to defend for you. EA plans to help impose this in a couple of ways. One is through increasing the likelihood a manual tackle will send the ball to a teammate. The producers are also reducing the efficiency and reaction times of automated defenders.

Shooting is the next on the list to get an upgrade. In easy goal scoring situations, such as a breakaway one on one with the goalie, accuracy is getting a boost. Furthermore, the reaction time of goalies in these scenarios will reduce to prevent “superhuman” performances.

Finally, the various passing mechanisms are getting an adjustment. Volleying the ball will be less accurate and first-time passes will result in slower balls. However, in order to compensate for this, easy situation passes will increase in accuracy. There are also two new passing options arriving. The first is the driven pass-and-go, which replaces the current manual pass button combo. The second new passing feature is the dinked pass, which is no longer automatic and is now user controlled.

It appears a lot of focus is on recognizing in-game situations. In reality, when there are less pressure and more time for an athlete, they tend to churn out a better product. EA is seeking to replicate this in FIFA 20.

What sort of changes do you want to see included in the latest installment? Let us know!