A Very Different Take on The Story of the American West

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 let you live out your cowboy fantasies, but what if you want the other side of the story? Until now that was pretty much impossible, but Game-Labs is looking to change that with This Land Is My Land. Soon you’ll be able to stealthily fight off the white devils invading your home as a Native American warrior.

This Land Is My Land white devils

Okay, soon is next year and there’s still no confirmed console, but this looks like a unique stealth experience regardless. This Land puts you in the headspace of an indigenous warrior fighting against the settler invasion. According to the developers, the protagonist represents an amalgamation of different peoples and tribes. While it’s an unusual perspective for a stealth game, European gamers will be somewhat more familiar with the premise.


There is a decades-long tradition of empathy and understanding for the indigenous peoples of North America in Europe. Authors like Karl May built their careers on an endless fascination with Native warriors and their struggles in the American West. On the subject of said struggle, this will be more of a stealth than an action title. Your victories against superior numbers will depend on your ability to utilize baits, traps and shadows to eliminate your enemies. Perhaps after a long season of wild west revelry, players will be primed for an experience from the other side of the conflict.


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Fight The White Devils in This Land Is My Land