Fimbul Preview

Norse mythology is always a great subject to base a video game around – we all can name at least one game that uses this background as a great point to build a world off of – but indie developer Zaxis went one step further in the creation of their upcoming title Fimbul, crafting a unique blend of history and mythos in a third person action RPG akin to the Dungeon Siege or Baldurs Gate series.

Funded by the Danish government under the stipulation that their project be culturally relevant, Fimbul is a game that effortlessly blends the true history of the vikings with the creatures and pantheon of Norse myth into a world that blurs the lines and draws you in. Playing as a seasoned Berserker, the game opens with the betrayal of your brother as he slays you in the frosty snow, but the witches of fate have different plans for you. You are resurrected and set out on a journey in which you can follow after your brother for vengeance and to stop him from massacring the innocent, or continue on a more noble quest to guide the people to a land safe from the everlasting winter which is quickly coming upon them.


Fimbul doesn’t lay these choices out for you as black and white either. While some choices you make will be from a direct command prompt, other choices will be made simply from player actions and completing one quest will often mean another storyline is happening without you and going unresolved.


Another fantastic detail of the game comes in its combat. Having consulted with historians and combat specialists, the movements and details of combat are as accurate as possible and it shows. The swing of an elbow, the steps with a sword thrust, it all adds the right nuance to give the game authenticity. Gear will also break down appropriately with shields shattering faster when attacked with an axe, but fallen enemies will leave their weapons and armor for the taking. There are of course typical video game mechanics as well such as special abilities but even these are grounded in realism with simple insta-kills or planting a rally flag to regenerate health.


Zaxis went for a comic book aesthetic in cutscenes and a unique art style for gameplay that makes the experience pop. Fimbul also uses camera angles and focus shifts in such a way to help the unspoken narrative sing to the player. My time with the game at PAX West was a great one and I was sad to see the demo end when it did. This is a game with tons of replay value to see the different outcomes, skill based combat, a brilliant art style, and larger than life monsters to fight.

Fimbul is set for release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Does it look like your kind of game? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.