“It’s What’s in Here That Matters. And What’s in Here Is a Gamer.”

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion Shadowbringers is less than two weeks away. In preparation, Tom Holland and Hannibal Buress keep the hype train going in the new Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers trailer. Well, it’s more of a commercial than a trailer. There’s no gameplay, just Buress and Holland being pretty damn funny. Tom Holland, obviously, is Spider-Man in the MCU. If you do not recognize Hannibal Buress’s name, you will probably know his face. He actually played Peter Parker’s burnt out phys. ed teacher in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He’s also the guy in the “Wack” meme.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Trailer

In this commercial, Tom Holland and Hannibal Buress reunite as roommates, for some reason. Hannibal wants to play Final Fantasy XIV, but Tom is “preparing” to be the Warrior of Darkness by doing push ups, pull ups, benching the couch, and training with a big sword. Meanwhile, Hannibal is impatiently waiting for Tom. They share an almost-tender moment when Hannibal convinces Tom that he does not need to train, he just needs to be a gamer. Aww.

In the bit with Tom and Hannibal’s heart-to-heart, there are a few background tidbits that fans will recognize. For instance, the sword that Tom was training with is leaning against the wall. It also looks kind of like Curtana, which is a sword that appears in multiple games. There is also a chocobo doll near the door and Tom wears a black hoodie with a chocobo on it. Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers comes out on July 2nd.

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Source: YouTube