COGconnected Get Some Hands-on Time With Madden 19 Ultimate Team

It doesn’t come as a surprise to any Madden fan that Madden Ultimate Team is coming back to the franchise next month. It’s a huge moneymaker for EA Sports so it’s pretty much a must add to every Madden game from here on out. Just like every year, there are some changes to be expected and this MUT has several in store, including Madden 19 player upgrades and a MUT 19 chemistry system. Instead of trying to tell you how each of these systems work, we decided to show you what happens when you first jump into MUT in Madden NFL 19. Without further delay, enjoy.

Madden Ultimate Team is one of the more popular modes in Madden and it is largely because opening those virtual packs is just so damn awesome. EA Sports does a great job at updating the mode weekly and always introducing things to keep it fresh.


One of the more interesting features is the Team Chemistry where there are now 25 total slots to fill on offense and defense this year. Every one of these positions will count towards your overall Team Chemistry.

Also new this year is the way you can upgrade individual player cards. If you have an 85 Russell Wilson and you come into a 90 Drew Brees, you don’t have to ditch your Wilson player, you can just work on upgrading him. In Madden 18 you had to accumulate Team Tokens to upgrade a player. This year you can upgrade them through Training.

Madden MUT Hero

MUT Solo Battles are also new to Madden 19. In this MUT mode, you’ll be going head-to-head against the AI. There are 13 total games each week against the AI, and it is all about earning the top Battle Score. Winning and how many points you score all factors in.

At the EA Sports Summer Showcase event, it was also revealed that MUT Squads are back in Ultimate Team. This year you can play against the AI in the Squad Challenges mode.

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Madden 19 arrives on August 10.