Become an Anime Character and Fight Ferocious Beasts!

Blue Protocol is the new, upcoming game from Bandai Namco that allows players to take control of an epic anime character and fight against rampaging monsters. You may recognize Bandai Namco for their upcoming Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization or Dragon Ball Project Z. The graphics are reminiscent of Borderlands, with bright vibrant colors and an intentionally simplistic style.

The trailer showcases the anime world the legendary heroes must defend. The design of the city follows suit with many games of this genre, appearing a lot like Stormwind from World of Warcraft.

Bandai Namco is investing a lot of effort into the game. A new internal studio is responsible for Blue Protocol. The studio is a collaboration of developers from Bandai Namco Studios and Bandai Namco Online.

The game likely will offer a character creation system, with multiple classes and an array of different weapons. Similar to Monster Hunter, players can team up online to take down the formidable beasts stalking the land. The game also has a lot of exploration, with various ruins to crawl through and bountiful treasures to loot.


A closed trailer is set to run exclusively in Japan from July 26 to July 28, 2019.

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