It hasn’t been that long Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest movie in the Dragon Ball Super series, was announced, but we already have a trailer for the clash of Saiyans.

The trailer shows a new design for Paragus, the elder Saiyan who points Broly at things, bringing the legendary Super Saiyan to Earth. The quick flashes show Broly fighting Vegeta, Golden Freeza, and Goku, with the stinger at the end showing Broly transforming into his even more muscular Super Saiyan form.

You can catch the Japanese trailer uploaded by TOEI below.

The movie is scheduled for December in Japan and should quickly follow with an English release in U.S. theaters in January. The screenplay is written by Akira Toriyama, making this the first introduction of Broly into the Dragon Ball canon, though his brand of rage-based Saiyan power has been found in other universes, as well.

I wonder if we’ll get a canon Turles movie next because I demand an explanation for why he looks identical to Goku.

First Trailer For Dragon Ball Super: Broly Brings The Legendary Super Saiyan To Earth