So It’s All Better Now?

Way back in August, Bluehole and PUBG Corp. announced a massive campaign known as Fix PUBG. The aim of this campaign was to address the many player complaints surrounding the Battle Royale game. Now, the campaign is complete, and the developers have announced they’ll be changing things up going forward.

PUBG asset flipping

An open letter from executive producer Taeseok Jang addressed some of these problems, noting that the developers had “overlooked issues that matter to” the playerbase at large. Going forward, it seems that stability and quality are being prioritized over rapidly releasing new content. While this may cause the release schedule to slow down somewhat, it’ll be worth it to ensure that what comes out isn’t buggy or busted altogether.


The campaign has tackled cheaters, client performance, server performance and matchmaking. While this is all admirable stuff, player reaction has still been rather varied. Some people are happy, some people have found just one or two bugs that still need to be fixed. In spite of all these issues, PUBG is still one of the most popular games on Steam at the moment. Perhaps after they shine up a few more of these bugs, that player count of theirs can get even higher?


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Fix PUBG Campaign Complete, New Direction Announced