Bandai Namco has dropped details and a trailer for a batch of DLC content coming to their sky-blazing jet fighter title Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The new aircraft and missions will be coming as part of the sequel’s season pass.

Now, you’re gonna have to work with me here. What do I know about air-ree-yo-planes? Nothing. Especially ones with lasers and shit. So I’m going to hit you with some cool sounding names right now, and you just go with it. May 22 will bring us the ADF-11F Raven, which I’m reliably informed is “A manned version of the large fighter developed in Erusea. Its ADF-11 nose unit is uniquely equipped with an F-type flight unit designed for combat”. Coming with the ADF-11F is a special UAV weapon, along with some exclusive skins and emblems.

Fly the unfriendly skies with Ace Combat 7's upcoming DLC screenshot

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Fly the unfriendly skies with Ace Combat 7’s upcoming DLC