Any Day Now……

The Master Cheif Collection first arrived on PC in December 2019. It launched will only Halo: Reach being available. However, it had a major feature missing. Forge world. This mode came out with the Xbox 360 version of the game in 2010 and it was a massive hit with fans. PC players have been patiently waiting for Forge World to come back. Thankfully, 343 Studios has said that they are making a lot of progress.

Halo: Master Chief Collection PC

For those who are not aware, the Forge mode was essentially a level designer that came with Halo Reach. You could create your own structures and create your own game types. The options were literally endless. Some people went as far as making massive space ships in the sky, or just throwing together a TDM map for your friends to try out.


Forge mode in Halo: Reach heavily expanded on everything that was offered in Halo 3. The new map “Forge World” allowed players to essentially create whatever levels and maps that could dream of. It was truly amazing to see how creative the community was back in the day. The countless race tracks and infected maps were well worth the $60 price tag at the time. Halo 4 and Dig to China were all classics that need to be remade as soon as the Forge mode is completed.

While there is still no clear timetable for when we can expect to see Forge added to the Master Cheif Collection, it is probably going to be sooner rather than later. Custom maps were a huge part of Halo in its golden age, so making sure that is back up and running is most likely a huge priority for the developers. A reminder that Halo: Combat Evolved is making progress too. Halo fans have a lot to look forward to.