And Boom Goes the Fortnite

Fortnite’s latest update drops very early tomorrow morning, and Epic has revealed what to expect from the new mode as well as the changes to the controversial guided missiles.

Fortnite Fly Explosives

The new Fly Explosives Limited Time Mode bestows players with jetpacks and predictably, explosives. Jetpacks will sport increased fuel regeneration and decreased fuel burn allowing players to stay airborne for longer, and Epic is expecting matches to be on the shorter side due to shorter wait times between storms.

The guided missile is making its long awaited return after it was removed back in April for being the most OP weapon ever to grace the game’s data. The new version has been made more reasonably powered, as detailed by Epic:

  • Available in epic and legendary variants
  • Fuse duration reduced from 18 to 15 seconds
  • Movement speed decreased from 1100 to 1000
  • Reload time increased to 2.4/2.2
  • Reduced player damage from 105/110 down to 74/77 damage
  • Reduced structure damage down from 1100 to 400
  • Explosions now damage structures with no regard for line of sight
  • Guided Missile can also be controlled via keyboard using the default movement inputs

Also, a new Spyglass Sniper Rifle is coming to Save the World mode, touted as a powerful single-shot-per-magazine rifle that “packs a punch,” indicating an excess of recoil.


Be sure to check out the full patch notes themselves over on Epic’s website. Fortnite is also currently in the middle of it’s first Birthday event, and a recent update brought back the beloved Playground Mode. Recent rumors indicate that the upcoming Android release of the game may be a little more complicated than expected.

Fortnite is currently available on PS4Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned to COGconnected for all the latest gaming news as it drops!