Fortnite Takes the Cake as Most Viewed Video Game Trailer on YouTube in 2018

This past year has seen the release of some amazing titles, as well as its fair share of engaging and interesting game trailer reveals. With the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima just a few of these shown off at E3, the winner of the most viewed video game trailer on YouTube for 2018 may be a bit surprising.


While you might be inclined to believe a game either released this year or one that is set to drop in the future would attract the most attention, but no, the massive beast of a Battle Royale, Fortnite, beat out all of its competition to take the crown. Yes, Fortnite, specifically its fifth season announcement trailer, is the most watched video game trailer of 2018 with 48 million views. In less than six months that’s quite an impressive viewership.


Fallout 76 appeared on the list in the number 4 spot with 33.8 million views, and GOTY nominee and critically acclaimed title Red Dead Redemption 2 took 6th place with 27.9 million views. What’s probably the most surprising news of all is that none of the most anticipated titles of 2019 and beyond made the top ten, including the insane Cyberpunk 2077 trailer from E3, which has a total of 12.1 million views. You can check out the top ten listed below courtesy of

1) Fortnite – Season 5 Announcement (48 million)

2) Fortnite: Port-A-Fort (35 million)

3) Fortnite: Playground Mode available now (34 million)

4) Fallout 76: Official Trailer (33.8 million)

5) Game of Thrones: COnquest – Rally the realm (33.5 million)

6) Red Dead Redemption Official Trailer #3 (27.9 million)

7) Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam (22 million)

8) Clash Royale: Clan Wars is Here (20.3 million)

9) Fortnite Battle Pass Season 5 Available Now (19.5 million)

10) Clash of Clans: Town Hall 12 Update is Here (19.3 million)

Which games were you expecting to make the list? Are you surprised by these findings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for the latest Fortnite news.