The Event Is Live from Now Until Monday

For any Fortnite players out there trying to grind up the levels to earn some goodies from the season pass, make sure to clear some space in your weekend schedule, as Fortnite is having its double XP weekend.

The event, which will stay live until Monday, July 2nd, will allows Fortnite players to earn double the experience they would usually when completing a match. This makes it easier for a player to obtain the Battle Pass rewards.


These Battle Pass rewards can range from a new cosmetic skin/outfit for the player’s character, a new emote to show off whilst playing, or new pickaxes, which players use to break acquire resources to build with. These rewards are unlocked as the player levels up higher in the Battle Pass.

For the season 4 Fortnite Battle Pass, there are a few of these character skins which will slowly change depending on the player’s level. The Omega skin and the Carbine skins will transform as the player levels up, but require a lot of levels before they look their best.

This is where the double XP event comes in, allowing players to level up much faster and unlock the rewards that come with a high level.

The double XP event comes off the shoulders of Epic Games announcing that the Playground Limited-Time Mode will be getting delayed until next week.

Announced on Twitter, the Limited-Time Mode will be getting pushed back until next week, with Epic Games hopefully giving us more news on Monday.

This Playground Limited-Time Mode is a separate game mode in Fortnite, which allows a player and up to four friends to land on the Fortnite island in a sandbox mode. Here they can practice building, and slowly come to grips with the game’s mechanics. All without worrying about the 99 other people out for blood.

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Fortnite Double XP Event Is Live Now