August was a great month for Fortnite, reportedly attracting 78.3 million unique players across all platforms. Even for Epic’s extremely popular battle royale game, that is an all time high. The game’s makers are using the data gleaned from the increased traffic to improve Fortnite’s servers and critical systems before the start of season 6.

Epic coupled this record-breaking news with a quick update on the Fall Skirmish kicking off this week. The competition will span six weeks and finish during TwitchCon at the end of October. The first skirmish is “Hold the Throne Duos.” Teams of two will try to rack up enough points by placing above 5th place or making eliminations to rank in the in the top twenty at the end of six matches. The final Fall Skirmish champion will be awarded $10,000,000 in prize money. 

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Fortnite Had Its Biggest Month Ever In August