Earlier today, Epic confirmed that Fortnite’s Season 5 will be arriving in on July 12, not all that long from now. So of course that means that the teasing for whatever event begins the season, as the developer did with Season 4.

In Season 4, Epic teased comics falling to the Battle Royale map and superheroes for a long time. They were so protective of these teases that they’re suing a QA contractor over leaking it. They take this extremely seriously. That’s why players noticed when OpTic Gaming’s @CouRageJD heard a launch sound when playing the game today.

Without knowing the theme of Season 5, it’s hard to tell what this early tease could be, if it’s even a Season 5 tease at all. It does indeed sound like a missile launch alarm which is certainly, uh, alarming.

What do you think Season 5 of Fortnite will be about?

Fortnite Might Already Be Teasing Season 5 With An Alarm