If you have been playing a lot of shooters on the Switch, you might notice that the analog sticks on the controller have a much bigger deadzone, or distance to movement from the center of the analog stick, than a lot of other controllers. As such, a lot of Switch games have gyro controls for aiming to help make small adjustments easier.

Now Fortnite players can avail themselves of this option with today’s patch. Since season five content came today, Epic also used the occasion to add gyro aiming to the Switch version and it’s surprisingly alright. You can adjust the general sensitivity, the targeting sensitivity for aiming down sights, and the scoped sensitivity for scoped weapons. 

It does feel a little less fluid than you’d hope because of the framerate, but it’s not bad, and with practice should pretty vastly improve your game. You can go ahead and give it a shot along with all the other changes in today’s update.

Fortnite On Switch Adds Gyro Aiming