Fortnite Launches A Dual Pistol Playground to Start the Summer

Epic Games dropped Fortnite Patch V4.5 this morning and it comes with a ton of new content, as well as an update on when season 5 will be starting.


Patch V4.5 brings us Dual Pistols, which can be found in Epic and Legendary rarities and use medium ammo. Both pistols fire simultaneously and don’t benefit from the first shot accuracy perk that enables when you’ve been staying still for a short period of time.

The delayed Playground limited-time-mode makes its appearance alongside a new Final Fight Teams of 12 mode.

In Playground, players are given an hour to do whatever they want on the island with up to three friends. Friendly fire is enabled and players respawn unless they’ve been taken out by the storm, which will take its sweet time rolling in. Resources generously grant 10x their normal output, and 100 Llamas are spawned for all your Llama-looting needs.

In Final Fight Teams of 12, storm circles will not close all the way in and will be replaced by a Final Countdown timer. Whichever team has the most players alive when the timer ends is the winner.

Epic has also announced that Season 5 will now be launching July 12, two days later than it was originally scheduled. There will also be a “+100% match XP weekend” running from June 29th to July 2 in an effort to help those with Battle Passes along on their journey.

A handful of other interesting improvements have been made including the Grenade Launcher getting a cosmetic change to the Fireworks Launcher, and blocks removed in edit mode will now appear opaque instead of clear, to “limit players ability to peek through structures while editing.” It sounds like this is the first of many of Epic’s planned adjustments to the game’s current popular endgame strategy.


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SOURCE: V4.5 Patch Notes