Epic does love the teases of new Fortnite seasons. Today, you can throw another log onto the pile, and fans are speculating what it could already mean.

Epic tweeted out a tease for season 5 this morning, leading the subreddit to begin to try unpacking the possibilities contained within.

Over on the Fortnite Season 5 subreddit, fans are guessing everything from the Egyptian protector goddess Bastet to the musical Cats to it not being a cat at all and is in fact a fox-based Japanese fox mask, or Kitsune, similar to the Tekken fighter of the same name. Some speculation includes all of these answers; well, not the Cats one. Fans think it is a combination of a number of different mythologies and cultures, possibly leading to Season 5 being themed after mythological creatures or Gods.

Season 5 should be landing on July 12 for all platforms.

Fortnite Season 5’s Mysterious Cat Teaser Is Leading To Debate