More News on the Fortnite Game Mode to Come on Monday

After a week of ups and downs, Epic Games has announced that the highly-anticipated Fortnite, playground Limited-Time Mode (LTM) has been delayed once again, with no more news coming until next week.

This Limited-Time Mode is a separate game mode which allows a player and up to three friends to spawn onto the Fortnite island in a sandbox mode. It lets newer players get to grips with the game’s controls, learn how to build, and just feel their way around the game without worrying about dying.


The game mode went live on the 27th, but was taken down again due to server issues. It was supposed to go live again at some point during the week, but yesterday, just as people were waiting for it, the Fortnite twitter account put out a message saying there had been issues which prevented the LTM’s launch.

They followed up on this tweet with a post saying that they’d update us with any further information on the game mode this Monday.

There have been numerous Fortnite fans angry about the game mode being delayed until next week, whereas plenty of others are more understanding, and want the game mode to be perfect when it comes out, not a rushed mess that leaves players with something they didn’t want.

What do you think about the delays? Let us know!


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Fortnite’s Playground LTM Delayed Until Next Week