Bexit Looms and it May be Time for British Developers to Cross the English Channel

It appears France is trying to leverage the inevitability of Brexit to bolster its gaming industry. A new program called “Join the Game” aims to attract UK-based developers to the European mainland. The purpose of the website is to promote the country and help develop it into an epicenter of game development.

The website reads “Proud of its history and dedicated to becoming the leading country in this industry, France has aimed, over the years, to remain an important hub for game development. Having doubts about why setting up in France? ‘Join the Game’ illustrates the French government’s commitment to offer foreign publishers and developers – studios and independents – opportunities to discover the optimal environment to excel.”

Additionally, the website provides a lot of information on immigrating to France. That particular section covers a lot of detail, such as French Labor law and an explanation of their tax system.

Join the Game also displays a list of the company’s already operating out of France. This includes impressive names such as Cyanide, Spiders, Eugen Systems, Dontnod, Arkane, Amplitude, Quantic Dream, and, most importantly, Ubisoft.


The possibility of English companies leaving remains very real. A survey in March 2017, after England formally declared their intention to leave the EU, shows that 40% of the nation’s games companies are considering relocation. Part of this may be because around 57% of workers are from the EU.

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