The Strong museum, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Second Avenue Learning have collaborated on an iOS minigame collection titled The Original Mobile Games. This “new” title chronicles the history of handheld and dexterity-based games dating back over one hundred years and compiles them into a modern collection free on iOS.

RIT students spearheaded the project, garnering attention from gaming historians and later aid from the Second Avenue Learning production team. The collection launches with six titles, each complete with an introduction to give historical context, with new games being planned as add-ons at a later date.

“The initial launch features, among others, Pigs in Clover (players navigate four balls through a maze), Queen Mary (players place three “bouys” and then pilot the ship into the dock), and the Niagara Puzzle (players must send a stream of balls into the whirlpool at the bottom of the Falls),” The Strong museum writes. “These games were often themed around historic events. Queen Mary celebrates the 1934 launch of the popular ocean liner. The Niagara Puzzle even played a small part in changing history; it was used to smuggle maps, files, and compasses to British prisoners of war during World War II.”

The Original Mobile Games is only available for iOS devices and can be downloaded right now.

Free IOS Collection Chronicles The Earliest History Of Mobile Games