Every Site Has Upkeep Costs, After All

In what can only be described as a bold move, G2A Pay is charging users a recurring fee after 180 days of inactivity on their accounts. This inactive member charge was first noticed by a Reddit user, who uploaded the email sent by G2A Pay explaining the charge.

G2A Pay Inactive Member Fee

According to G2A Pay, “as a supervised financial institution, we must meet many requirements related to the monitoring and servicing of each account.” In other words, they’re charging you for upkeep, whether you actually use the service or not. For clarification, G2A Pay is a separate system from G2A, one that handles payments for the game sales site.


The charge is a recurring one, set (on the account in the Reddit post) at $1.14 a month. This presumably keeps happening for as long as your account remains inactive. This has led some people to question the legal status of the charge, stating that the accounts may fall under gift card laws. G2A responded by pointing out you can use gift cards to charge your account, therefore the accounts are not the same as gift cards. I’m not super sure how well that explanation will hold up to actual legal scrutiny. We’ll likely find out very soon.


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G2A Pay Has Inactive Member Fee