Using An Independent Auditor, No Less

Recently, a group of developers have accused G2A of fraudulent business practices. In response to these fraud accusations, G2A has announced they’re ready to open their catalog to an independent auditor for investigation. Bold moves, especially coming from a company with such a contentious history.

G2A Pay Inactive Member Fee fraud accusations

According to G2A, they’re more than happy to pay back developers for any lost income due to stolen keys and fraudulent sales. “The idea is simple: developers just need to prove such a thing actually happened.” While there have been private audits offered in the past, this is the first time we’ve seen them mentioned so openly. The brazen attitude feels like a defensive tactic in light of the newest fraud accusations.


The auditor will check credit card records in order to confirm whether or not fraud has occurred. This comes on the heels of companies like TinyBuild accusing G2A of costing them half a million dollars in lost sales. The key re-seller has even offered to pay for the first three audits themselves for any given developer. Of course, for people like Mike Rose of No More Robots, this is all an afterthought. The damage is done, and the petitions are live. It remains to be seen whether this offer will uncover any fraud, although the string of accusations suggest at least something is afoot.


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G2A Strikes Back Over Fraud Accusations