I Declare Shenanigans

We have some unbelievable news. By that I mean, this should probably not be believed. The remake of the 1997 classic Final Fantasy VII, which is perpetually out of our reach, is said to be coming to the Xbox One. GameStop Ireland put up the game for pre-order. It is not a new thing for retailers to prematurely list a game on their site. Last month, Amazon threw the game up with a December 31st, 2019 release, which is clearly a placeholder. In the case of a Final Fantasy VII remake Xbox One edition, this is either a mistake on GameStop’s part or really good news for Xbox One owners.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One

Of course, Square Enix has not mentioned anything about an Xbox One release, but Final Fantasy VII will appear at E3, so there is bound to be news. Though there are a couple of reasons not to believe this supposed leak, at least not right now. Firstly, for a lot of Xbox One games on the site, the artwork includes an Xbox One stamp like a physical box has. Final Fantasy VII does not have one of these, just the logo and some screenshots. Secondly, the page also lists Cyberpunk 2077, which has no release date, and Elder Scrolls VI, which also has no release date. Both of these games are listed for pre-order.

At the moment, I scoff at this listing, but with E3 right around the corner, we will just have to wait to see how this plays out. It would be great to have this on Xbox One, but right now we can only expect it on PS4. Final Fantasy VII remake has no official release date yet.

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Source: GameStop