Just Like We’ve All Forgotten About GameStop

At first this news seems like a good thing: GameStop has a new refund policy regarding pre-orders. If you want your money back for a pre-order at GameStop, you’ve got 30 days after the launch of the game to do it. After that point, the money turns into store credit.


Great, right? Aside from the fact that anyone who lets that deadline slip by is saving GameStop a bunch of money. Sometimes it’s only five bucks. Sometimes it’s the price of the game. If you’ve forgotten the pre-order, you’re definitely not gonna remember how much money you put down, right?


So if this evil, it’s the sort of bland, vanilla evil that almost hopes that people have forgotten you exist. In other words, after failing to find a buyer for their company, GameStop is now banking on people leaving them in the dust. All for a little of that sweet, sweet pre-order bank. The best part is that  this goofy move can only help the company out if people collectively stop caring about the company for 35 days or so. After that, they have to start shopping there again or they’re extra doomed. I probably have this wrong but who cares? What am I, GameStop’s next CEO? I feel like someone would tell me if I was.