New GameStop Promotion Launches Alongside Days Gone

GameStop is introducing a new promotion that lets customers return their new game for full trade credit within 48 hours.


Discovered by Cheap Ass Gamer, the promotion is being called “Guaranteed to Love it” and will launch alongside Days Gone, the upcoming PS4 exclusive on April 26th.

To take advantage of the promotion, customers must purchase Days Gone between April 25th-28th at the full retail price of $59.99. If they are unhappy with the game, they can trade the game back to GameStop for store credit in the value of $59.99. Customers must bring their original receipt back in order for employees to scan the promotional barcode. Tax is not refundable, and the deal looks to only apply to the standard physical edition of the game. Not every new game will be allowed for the promotion, so GameStop will be specifying which titles are eligible.


It’s difficult to say how gamers will respond to this new program, but there are plenty of people already that finish a game quickly and trade it back in. It’s too early to tell whether this is a good thing for GameStop, especially when you consider how much money they lost last year.

This news comes on the heels just as digital and cloud gaming are making headlines. Just yesterday, Microsoft confirmed the All-Digital Xbox One S console with no disc drive. Their Xbox Game Pass service has also proved to be successful over the last year. Google and Apple announced their subscription-based services Google Stadia and Apple Arcade respectively last month.

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